Youth Korfball

Youth Korfball sessions restarted in Milton Keynes in 2021 and are now moving indoors for autumn!

Kids korfball, for boys and girls in school years 3-8 (approx age 7-13), is moving indoors from 8th October 2021, and we are launching our age 11-14 youth team on 13th October

Sessions are starting on Fridays from 11th June 2021 6-7pm at Sport Central, Central Milton Keynes

Korfball is a great sport for children – it was originally designed by a Dutch schoolteacher as a sport for boys and girls to play together! It’s easy for children to pick up and lots of fun. The basic rules are:

Boys mark boys, girls mark girls (2 boys and 2 girls play for each team in each half of the pitch).
Attack in one half of the pitch – defend in the other. Switch roles every 2 goals.
Shoot from anywhere (in your attacking half) into a basket on top of a post (3.5m high for adults and secondary school kids, 2.5m or 3m for younger kids!)
No running with the ball – so lots of “passing and moving”

Milton Keynes has a great tradition of youth korfball since the late 2000s with lots of the schools, especially primary schools, having tried it, which means that thousands of local children were introduced to korfball. Some schools set up school teams and so there has been a schools league as well for several years. We would like to especially thank Darren Gray who ran the local youth korfball for many years before stepping down. Of course, this was put on hold due to Covid, but now we are planning to start again in Spring 2021 and need new players!

All boys and girls in school years 3-8 are welcome, whether or not they have ever played before. The session is currently likely to be on a Friday from 6-7pm although this is being finalised – split into two or more groups for different ages.

See below for “The Week Junior” magazine (aimed at children aged 8-14) review of korfball from 2018.

Junior Korfball Training

Learn the sport and improve your game, whether or not you have ever played at school! As a mixed gender sport with training for multiple age groups, this is also ideal for siblings to go to the same activity together.

Korfball Matches and tournaments

Once korfball competition is allowed again (currently scheduled to be from June 21st) we will be looking to set up matches, whether against our close neighbours at Buckingham Royals or teams from further afield, and enter tournaments once they restart. We will also assist with getting the MK Primary Schools league going again, which has run successfully for several years.

Covid Safety

All our sessions will be run according to the Covid safety recommendations from England Korfball, approved by UK government, which include both rule amendments and off-court protocols.

Is this the sporting world’s best-kept secret?

The Week Junior magazine, January 2018

Let’s play korfball!

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